Since 2019 I have led independent and collaborative research initiatives in Somalia, Somaliland, and Ethiopia’s Somali State on foodways and food history. These are important and exciting aspects of Somali culture that receive much less attention than they should. They are also traditionally shared orally, so it is a pleasure to document the technical, agricultural, and socio-political dynamics of foodways and food history for future reading and learning.

My current focus (as of 2022) is the fermented Somali flatbread known as laxoox or canjeero. With colleagues I have done deep-dives into production and consumption patterns, and perceptions on the origins of this bread. (Hint: most Somali respondents do not believe that Somali laxoox/canjeero originates in Ethiopia with injera!).

Publications and presentations are listed below, with links where appropriate.

Wolgamuth, E., Yusuf, S., Hussein, A., Pasqualone, A. A survey of laxoox/canjeero, a traditional Somali flatbread: production styles. J. Ethn. Food 9, 22 (2022).

Wolgamuth, E. Pasqualone, A. Somali Fermented Flatbread: A Missing Puzzle Piece (Presentation).

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